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The District of Bududa had hired contractor to build the Out Patient Department of Bulucke HC III. The contractors finished the work and over the building to the District.

The community had noted with concern that the roofing material used was very poor and had begun to rust within a very short time, but did not know how to approach this problem.

Their problem was however short-lived when members from Namasho women’s group participated in a training on advocacy mainstreaming in which they were taught about people centered advocacy and how respective communities can work together to cause change for the better.


After the training, Namasho women’s group developed their advocacy action plan and one of the critical issues to address was to advocate for better roofing materials for the OPD facility since the ones that were used were of very poor quality and had already began rusting in such a short time

The group through their advocacy champion decided to write to the district authorities about the quality of these iron sheets and the poor state in which they were.

The District authorities upon some investigations   recalled the contractor and tasked him to change the roofing materials used for this facility.

The issue was finally attended to and the old roofing was replaced with better roofing.

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