WASH-Success Story (August 2016)

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Mzee Ochen Yuventino a member of Aridai South aged 63 knew little about the latrine use and he kept on defecating in the bush. He had a specific area where he could go for Open Defecation together with his family members.
This is the bush where Yuventino used to go for Open Defecation (OD)
Yuventino picking his shit using a hoe during a transact walk as part of the triggering session
It was during triggering conducted in November 25th / 2014 where Yuventino got triggered after defecation mapping Defecation mapping by members of Aridai South
And willingly led a group of people to where he openly defecates, Yuventino leading the team to where he practice Open Defecation (OD)
Picked his shit

And went back with the team. It was the very feaces which was used for food/ water and shit demonstration.
Food/ water and shit demonstration during triggering in Aridai parish
The Officer used Yuventino’s name, the population of his family and that of his village and later on expanded to the whole parish as a reference during shit calculation
Shit calculation during CLTS triggering in Aridai Parish.
Where he and the entire community members got ashamed.
Ignition moment during triggering in Aridai parish
And realized they were living in the doom.

Action planning was done where the community agreed on the starting date for digging up latrines, date for first follow up and date when they think they would be through with work
Action planning during triggering session
Yuventino emerged the first natural leader
Yuventino on complete black attire in the center emerging as the natural leader
While the whole community members unanimous agreed to take up action by raising up their hands.
Community members agreeing to take up serious action
Community members in a group photo in refusal to continue practicing Open Defecation
Yuventino piloted the digging of latrines which eased the work of officer concern that followed them only Eight times.

Mzee Yuventino demonstrating what to be done after using a latrine
During an interview with Mzee Ochen Yuventino in the last visit done on the 21st /August/ 2015,
Mzee Yuventino Ochen in an interview with a WASH Officer (MUCOBADI)
he testified that “he formally registered a very serious case of sickness where his children could fall sick of diarrhea very frequently including him and the wife . Where they almost owned Abim Hospital and sometimes Morulem health center” but now, there is completely no case of malaria or diarrhea he has had. So, he appreciates MUCOBADI and GOAL for letting them survive from the hands of the hungry lion Mr. Flies that made their lives hard
He continued that he used to leave that portion where they picked feaces bushy for defecating. He could not plough but now, he has cleared it down. In fact Aridai is now a very beautiful place to live inbecause we are not only looking at latrines but all the sanitary facilities where we just feel at peace “said Ochen Yuventino”
The compound of Mzee Ochen Yuventino with his drying rack.
He recommends that, ignorance pertaining latrine use is a very big problem everyone should join in the fight of diarrhea by just having the sanitary facilities in place.

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