Women Have Great Contribution Towards O&M Compared To Men

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Acheng Kevin is the chairperson of Oryeotyene P/S borehole. She testified that women are more active than men when it comes to maintenance of the water points because they mind a lot about water and they do much of the house work using water. “I have to assure you that most of the points that are doing well as far as good maintenance is concern are those with members of the committees with women in key positions”.

As a case in point, Oryeotyene P/S is consisting of females being the majority in leadership especially higher positions this makes us not even to take a week when it is not repaired in case of break down unlike Oryeotyene South which has broken and it has taken almost 2 months without being repaired because it is a man in leadership. We have experienced that when men are holding this key positions they do not bring clean record. They are corrupt. Even if some are secretaries but should not touch money. She added that she has even learned that it is mostly women who actually contribute towards O & M.
She also explained that they sometimes collect food stuff like sorghum from households that cannot afford money and they take it to the market to be changed in money.
She stressed that amidst the many challenges they are faced with, community members abuse them and sometimes want to fight them when they refuse them to fetch water without contribution but they remain focused because they are protected by bi-laws.

They manage to do this through the help of LC 1s who help in disciplining those that fail to comply with the bi-laws especially failure to contribute towards O &M
At the time of this interview, the water user committee of Oryeotyene had 104,000/= cash in their Account apart from food stuff- sorghum which was worth, 15,000/=

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