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Kisule Moses, 21 years of age is an out of school young person living in the island of Masolya in Jaguzi sub-county, Mayuge District with the brother. Moses dropped out of school in senior two after the death of his parents. After dropping out of school, Moses went to live with a guardian who was an alcoholic. Moses says the guardian came home drunk every day and on many occasions, he would come home with different women. One day, Moses’ guardian came back home drunk, beat up Moses and the other children and chased them away from home. Moses frustrated went in search of his brother a bodaboda cyclist in Musoma main land who agreed to take him under his care. Life was great until the brothers’ young wife started making sexual advances at Moses claiming that the brother was never around because he worked till late. Moses was confused and did not know what to do. He decided to confide in a friend who referred him for counseling Jaguzi health centre 11

At the health centre, Moses attended several interpersonal counseling sessions with a counselor, and since he was idle for most of the days, he participated in the group counseling sessions in which he acquired life skills and information on HIV and AIDS Prevention. With these new skills and knowledge, Moses was able to outsmart the brothers’ wife and eventually she stopped bothering him. Moses is very happy for the skills and advice acquired at the health centre and has decided to abstain until he is ready.

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