Our Achievements

Since 2008, MUCOBADI has transited from an organization that provided a service to people in only one District to over 13 Districts, expanding to cover the most vulnerable communities in Karamoja region. Over the years, MUCOBADI programmes have been modified to ensure holistic and comprehensive approaches to communities and households.

Our programmes have focused on community empowerment, social protection, HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support, OVC interventions with fair consideration to gender mainstreaming, disability and livelihoods programs to enable women, PLHIVā€™s, PWDs and OVC empowered lives

In line with our strategic direction, MUCOBADI enhanced its partnerships at the National and global levels to be more effective in services delivery. While MUCOBADI has made good progress in strengthening community presence and influence, we continue to empower communities and strengthen local capacity to ensure community participation in all project implementation. Programme achievements are detailed in our annual reports.

  1. MUCOBADI Annual Report (2011-2012)
  2. MUCOBADI Annual Report (2012-2013)